About Us

The RADAKA Company, started its work in May 2011 as a software group called Codpardaz, in the field of web projects. The team started its work with the website of the Golds Education Center and collaborated with the Islamic Republic Broadcasting Corporation. Subsequently, it has done various web and desktop projects with different .NET-based frameworks. Due to the expansion of the work, on 08/12/95, the Codpardaz Group was officially registered under the name of the Rayane-Pardaz-Tooka (brand: RADAKA) and as a partner of  Tooka Smart Trading Company.

One of the most important services of this company is the following:


  • Web design
  • Web software development
  • Design and production of portals
  • Design and production of mobile software
  • Design and development of customer order software (customer specific requirements)
  • Design and development of Windows software
  • Training and knowledge transfer
  • Maintenance of web-based systems
  • Advice and advice on information technology
  • Content management systems like joomla, wordpress and liferay
  • You can get more information about this company by downloading the resume file of the company.


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